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Specialty Sportswear       3130 E. 12th St.     Sedalia, Missouri        660-826-7095

Specialty Sportswear is able to meet what ever embroidery need you might have. We have been in the embroidery business for 30 years and know what it takes to provide professional embroidery services to our customers. Our portfolio of customers is one we can brag about. Not, only do we provide the quality embroidery to Fortune 500 companies, professional sports teams, and international clubs, we provide the same quality to our local customers as well. Our products have been seen on national television, worn by presidential election committees, and won competitions sponsored by our peers.

Company Management


Sarah Shaw has served as CEO of Specialty Sportswear, Inc. since 1975.

Specialty Sportswear was started in the basement of Sarah Shaw’s home in Reynoldsburg, OH. When Specialty Sportswear started Sarah used the embroidery to mainly make inserts for the chenille side of her business. Sarah is also more than proficient in the use of home sewing machines, chenille embroidery machines, upholstery machine, chain stitch machines, and quilting machines.

Currently, Sarah’s son, Bill, is the plant manager and takes care of the everyday operations. Bill has been with the company since 1986 and is very knowledgeable about the embroidery industry. Give him a call to see what kind of deal he can produce for your company.


Specialty Sportswear Inc. moved to Sedalia from Reynoldsburg Ohio in 1978. Then Specialty Sportswear Inc. became incorporated in 1981.

Specialty Sportswear has embroidered products for many special events including a jacket for Marty Schottenheimer’s press conference to announce him as the KC Chiefs new head coach, the official ties worn by the Bush-Quail reelection campaign members in 1992, many of the official sponsors of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, Jackets for the 100th Annual Rose Bowl Parade officials in 1989, and Jackets for the NASCAR officials in the mid 90’s just to name a few.

Specialty Sportswear is now an official sponsor of the annual NHRA U/SA shootout, WOW (Winged Outlaw Warriors sprint car touring series), and LAraceway.


Specialty Sportswear has grown to embroider  thousands of items per year. Most people that come in for the first time have to pick there jaw up off the ground to get over the amount of equipment we have. We do all embroidery in house, which helps us control the final product appearance and quality. After nearly 30 years in the embroidery business we have seen and adapted to the changes that have come around.

Specialty Sportswear delivers to all 50 states and ships internationally when needed. We strive to give the best available finished product available. We supply local, state, and federal agencies with uniform apparel, and ad specialty apparel, businesses with quality uniforms, employee incentive products, and customer appreciation items.

And if you are trying to market a product we decorate the product with your logo or image that helps get it noticed.

If you or your organization needs to put out a positive professional image please call us and see what we can do to meet your needs.

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